Monday, July 21, 2008

300 Men Chicked by Roadside Bombshell

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Sat Jul 19, 2008 11:50am EDT

HUDSON IL, July 19 (Reuters) - Hudson is eerily quiet today as workers loaded debris from the roadside bombshell that Chicked nearly 300 men. Nobody saw it coming.

Authorities are looking for these two suspects -- (above photo undated )

Four detained opposition activists in ex-Soviet Belarus were released on Friday without charge after being questioned about Shevaun Fennell's unexpected explosion on Saturday. The event, an international triathlon in the Central Illinois region of the EU Union states is attended by notable world dignitaries and socialites most notably by the former

United States Vice President and Nobel Prize recipient, Al Gore (unharmed). When asked, Mr. Gore stated: "I am just glad no earth warming emissions were released in her carnage. As a proud man, it was very hard to watch. I cringed when I realized what was happening!"

The majority of tri-guys, considered emotionally secure about their manliness by other athletes (just look at those outfits) managed to escape harm. However, more than 120 men experienced serious wounds about thier egos, many critically in the July 19 blast. The final death toll is not yet known but is expected to rise. It was supposed to be a festive event in Hudson IL marking the 12th annual Evergreen Triathlon. Officials described the incident as "feminist brute hooliganism", playing down any political dimension, and Race Director Colleen Klein has vowed not to launch a crackdown ahead of an ongoing investigation by the USA Triathlon, the sanctioning committee for US triathlons.

Victims are laid on beach awaiting identification by loved ones.

The opposition says about a dozen activists were detained.

It is known that Ms Fennell once belonged to the Tri-Peoria Triathlon Team, a nationalist paramilitary group founded in the 1990s and until recently thought to be disbanded. The group known for thier multi colored form fitting uniforms originates in the tiny county of Peoria wedged between Marshal, Putnam, Russia and three European Union states.

"Four people deemed sympathizers by local authorities were detained on July 20-21 and were released today, including my husband Reid Hansen, Bev Enslow, Beth Haynes and Anna Breaux" said Sheila Hansen, deputy head of the World Union of Belarussians, a group representing ethnic Belarussians world-wide. Belarussia is known for multi-sport tolerance and political support for the Tri-Peoria movement.

"Of course, no charges were pressed against any of them. They were only questioned twice over all this time. One day passed and they were released."

Mr. Hansen, upon release issued a brief statement read at a pro Tri-Peoria rally. He stated that he was more interested in punishing Rich Geibelhausen than in helping to catch Ms. Fennell. "Forget Shev everyone, this Geibelhausen guy makes all the trouble for me. He just won't give it up! I have had to hire a coach with my own money for the love of humanity, why can't he just move to a less competitive town!"

Some opposition officials say the detentions could compromise the parliamentary elections and have suggested they may boycott the poll. Western leaders accuse the authorities of violating fundamental male rights, and Klein hopes the incident will not deter the upcoming Belarus election. Some experts even warn of falling birth rates in the region. The impact will be noticable for years if not decades to come.

Several activists were released in recent days and officials from various groups said four remained in detention. Including Ms Breaux who exploded her tires in protest of the police reaction. Suspects may be held for 10 days without charge under Belarussian law.

"She is old enough to be my Mom!" said chicked elite athlete, 21 year old Jarid Smith, "This is just something that cannot be allowed. She was looking right at us at the start. This old lady in the elite heat. She asked who of us had been born after 1985. We all raised our hands. She then said she was old enough to be our mom and told us to keep that in mind as she was passing us. We all kind of laughed but deep down, we were pretty terrified."

"Race Officials and police have said nothing about any roundup. "

An interior ministry spokesman said only that no charges had been laid. No one has claimed responsibility for the bombshell's organizers but Outlaw renegade Sean Ribordy is a suspect. Ribordy, not seen since the US invasion of Afganistan is reported to be hiding in remote tribal regions of Pakistan with 6 other family members. Ribordy has a history of coaching swimmers and triathletes and is known for this kind of incident. This blast has many elements known to have been attributed to Mr. Ribordy.

Police this week launched house-to-house questioning in apartment blocks, with officers asking residents about their whereabouts at the time of the bombshell's explosion, where they performed their military service and whether they owned a power-tap.

Within hours of the explosion, Klein dismissed the head of the influential security council and her chief of staff.

On Tuesday, she appointed Yuri Zhadobin, the head of the security service, still known by its Soviet-era KGB initials, as chairman of the security council. (Writing by Ron Popeski; Editing by Charles Dick)

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