Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Coach Greg Sicks The Dogs on Whitey!

I snapped these on my way down to the Marathon Training group run. Coach Greg and his dogs went rabbit hunting last night! Adam, that had to hurt! Way to go!

Coach Greg, Adam, Chris W., Chris A., Joe and Jen, Nancy, Lorne

Here's what Chris had to say:


I have gained another level of respect for Adam after last night's workout.

For the first set, he started a 400 every 2 minutes for 16 minutes. He ran each of these at 70 seconds. So, he basically ran eight 400's at 70 seconds each with 50 seconds of active rest (no slacking) in between. Joe Every and Lorne Mills and I took turns running the 400's with Adam to try to pace him through the workout. In my case, it was more like just trying to keep up.

Then he took a whopping 4 minute break between the first and second set of 400's.

For the second set, he started a 400 every 1:40 for 12 minutes. He also ran each of these at 70 seconds. So, he ran 7 more 400's at 70 seconds each with 30 seconds of active rest in between.
Greg White made the comment that Adam might just as well have kept running at 70 second pace because he wasn't really getting much recovery anyway. Also, Chris Alexander just happened to show up for this second set of 400's. It was a good thing because I was having a hard time keeping up with Adam at that point.

Adam White is a machine!

My workout was a little more on the mortal side... Starting with Adam's second 400, I started every other one with him. So, I ran #'s 2, 4, 6, and 8 from the first set. I got about 2:50 rest in between my 400's (yes, I am a slacker). I also ran every other repeat for the second set (#2, 4, 6). But this time I only got 2:10 rest in between. I told Adam that about the most help that I was in pacing was him being able to hear me about 10 yards behind him breathing like a freight train. But, I did manage to keep my 400's in the 70-75 second range. And, after that Lorne and I did a 4 mile "cool down" in Springdale that turned into more of a progression run with the last mile at just over 6:00 pace.

Again, I was amazed at what Adam did. I guess getting fast and staying fast isn't easy. In fact, it looked like it might hurt...

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