Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mr. and Mrs Fennell Go to Beantown

The spring marathon season didn’t pan out like I thought. I hoped to be running the Boston Marathon on Monday but it’s not going to happen. Greg put together a great plan but some of my parts just couldn't withstand the abuse. I don’t much like getting old. On Monday I will be with Shev in Boston cheering her on. She will no doubt finish the race with personal best on a very tough course. She’s done the work and has a vast pool of discipline. Now she needs to execute her strategy. I am expecting she will come across the finish line in under 3:25. Just prior to my tendon issues, I asked to just run with her at her pace. I was surprised by how hard she worked me.

Shev got up early Saturday (as usual) and did an easy 40 minute run while I got the last of my much needed beauty rest before we left town. We were flying out of Bloomington at 9:30. I fixed my last great latte for the next few days and we headed out. Not being one for details, I waited till the middle of breakfast and 10 minutes before we went out the door to get on the computer and input my cell phone number for tracking Shevs progress. After all the trouble, I forgot my cell phone on my way out the door.

Checking in at the ticket counter I ran into Matt Eckberg. We did a few long runs together this spring. He’s strong and fast and running really well. I would not be surprised if he turns in a 2:50 or better on Monday. As tough as he is, his little brothers are even faster. The brother he’s staying with has a personal best something wicked like a 2:27. He’s going to run as well. Rich and Peg Geibelhausen booked a room with us at the Jewel of Newbury. I am excited for the prospect of staying at the Jewel, a nineteenth century Victorian in a quaint part of downtown Boston in the history Newbury area. Peg was looking forward to looking around and perhaps finding a few items. From the printout Peg showed me in Chicago I’ll have plenty of coffee shops to enjoy. I am really looking forward to getting to know them both a whole lot more. Peg I am coming to realize has a bit of a competitive streak. Rich shares my love of great beer. It’s going to be a seriously fun weekend.

Rich is injury free has been running quite well. He has a bit of arthritis in his knee that’s he’s accepted with a certain grace. Price of admission he jokes. I expect he will have a strong performance. He’s hoping to run a 3:50-4:00 race. Break a leg Rich!!! I am enjoying my role on the side this year. Being a spectator is kind of nice. I can spend attention drinking in the the lifestyle aspects of the Boston Marathon experience.

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