Sunday, April 19, 2009

Boston Update

Today is Sunday and it is a BEAUTIFUL day! The weather was supposed to be really bad with rain and wind but it just might miss us. Regardless, Shev and I slept fitfully. New noises and the Newbury Street night life were not noises we are used to hearing. On top of that, the seagulls were making such a clatter. If you are too rowdy and get killed after being at a bar, you must be reincarnated as a gull. I am groggy but I don’t care. I’m a quarter block from the Expo and a block from the finish!!!! This is Boston! The history oozes from these sacred roads. The lack of sleep will be remedied by the day. After the packet pickup, we have all day to nap and chill out. The Jewel of Newbury is run by a charming man Mouldi H. Sayeh with a beautiful family. His faith in god is unbending and he is very generous.. Shev, Rich and Pam joined us. I really enjoy the Gieblehousen’s. A great couple to travel with...they’re a hoot! Peg is brilliant like my wife. She was making literary references that spark conversations between her and Shev. Rich or I could barely follow the conversation. We are more interested in our next beer. I say leave the literature to the literate!

We went downstairs for Breakfast and there was a new girl I didn’t recognize. Shev asked where her father was and she blushed. She informed us with a grin she worked there and was not a related. I asked for an espresso but she didn’t know how to run the machine. I offered my services and to my surprise she accepted my invitation. Mouldi prepared an interesting omlet (and I use the word omlete in a very open and generous way. It had many spices and fresh spinach, onion and mushrooms and did I mention spices. I nicknamed it the Persian Grand Slam. It was HUGE and SPICY....And Spicy! All qualities you don’t usually seek in the breakfast meal, but I didn’t care a bit. He had a groovy Rancillio espresso machine. I was given the privilege of playing with it every morning. It had plenty of a very good ground bean. I enjoyed learning the in's and out's of how to get a decent shot from it. We didn't have a steaming pitcher so I simply added whole milk to Shev’s double and she enjoyed the drink. Peg slumbered down in the middle of our breakfast and we still had plenty of deep dish omlet to go around. After breakfast Rich Shev and I headed to the expo. How cool it was to be so close. I went ahead and picked up my packet. Besides not having shoes or running a step for the last three weeks I entertained the idea of stepping on the course. Man, I had a low bib. Under 3,000! Oh to be healthy and fit. NEXT YEAR!!!

Vibram 5 fingers had a booth. I happened to be wearing my pair. There was MUCHO interest at the booth. My pair are 2 years old. I really believe in those shoes. They make your feet fit. Also a highlight was seeing Team Hoyt. Last year, I had a chance to talk with Dick in person. He was in Chicago but this year Dick brought his son. It was busy around the booth so I did'n speak to him but I was curious if they planned on running the marathon. They both looked great. THIS is is the picture I snapped.

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