Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wife Breaks Course Record at Sullivan Triathlon

Shev had a great day on Sunday. She set the course record in cloud covered and windy conditions. The prize was $100 gift certificate. But, the money hasn't changed her a bit. She went to work on monday as if her financial picture were the same as before the win. She also assures me she'll stay with me (I got her as a mail order bride. Hey, when you factor in the bike shipping she cost me a FORTUNE!). I asked her about the pool swim and she told me she prefers open water to pool swims but the race was well organized.

Shev's swim time (including transition) was 7:03, Bike time as 37:14, and a 21:21 bike. Overall, her time as 1:07. She finished 17th in a field of 300. WAY TO GO SWEETIE, YOU ROCK! Despite the long drive, several other IVS folks including Chris Alexander, Nancy Margitas (3rd overall) and Regina Hartley (didn't you just run BOSTON?!? WOW!) also made it down to compete. Way to represent P-Town folks!


blondebee said...

Shev kick's A$$! Of course, we share the same gene pool.


krauseinthehouse said...

Kick booty! Way to go Shev!!!