Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Oven in Chicago

Otober 7, 2007 will never be forgotten. It was horrible to run in the 80 plus degree heat. I knew before I reached the 15k mark I was not going to have a good day. My wife, who was hoping to qualify for Boston was running in her very first marathon. She laughs, it counted for two marathons, my first and my last. Many people complained about having too little water and the course was closed in the middle of the race. I squeeked out a 3:24:40. It was my slowest marathon time ever despite feeling well prepared. Pacers even fell out of the race. But for all the dissapointment of not running a sub 3 hour marathon, I am more frustrated with the incalcitrant and arrogant statements made by the race director of the Chicago Marathon. I really wish the Lasalle Bank comittee would come clean and admit they were not prepared for the conditions. I cannot say for certain that better hydration would have prevented a course closure but the oven is still on full blast in Chicago as participants thirst for an apology.